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Our technology pitches your organization or initiative to 100s and even 1000s of surgically targeted media outlets each week!


As the first A.I. fueled media outreach automation tool, Ronin Autom8 will be the beginning of your company’s industry niche, media domination! Never before has a machine been developed that is so affordable, so fast, so calculating and so precise that from the time your company starts utilizing this technology, you’ll be first in line for any media coverage. For virtually every opportunity to be interviewed for your industry niche, our technology places you directly in front of the line with a personalized email introduction that delivers such mind-blowing results that it has to be experienced to be fully appreciated!

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Ronin Autom8 uses A.I. to deliver the most surgically targeted and continuous cascade of media outreach available in the industry today. Here’s just a taste of what this disruptive technology does for your company:

  • Runs 24/7 in the background on our servers, tracking the activity of more than 500,000+ journalists, media outlets, and influencers.

  • Ronin Autom8 continuously scans social media platforms and media/news sites hunting for newly published media content defined by a select group of your most targeted keywords.

  • When Ronin Autom8 discovers social media posts or newly published news or media that matches your select keywords, our technology scans that post for sentiment, if the score meets our criteria for “highest possibility for interest,” our network custom tailors a message based on your goals and motivation for media outreach, and an invite to connect is sent to the email address of the journalist!

  • Depending on your industry’s media coverage volume and current events, we have some industries that receive 500+ hits per week.


What information is sent to the journalist in our automated email response? Whatever you want! We have clients that promote the following types of information:

A VIP invite to attend physically or via Livestream to cover an event being produced by the company.

Practically any message you want to get to 100s and even 1000s of niche industry journalists can be sent with surgical precision via the A.I. driven Ronin Autom8 platform.

Announce a new strategic partnership, merger, or acquisition.

Press release with an announcement that keeps media up to date on the company’s latest product or service launches.

The introduction of a new board member, C Suite executive, or thought leader recruited by the company.

An invite to connect the company’s experts to future articles authored by the journalists as a free brain trust available to be interviewed for more robust article content. 

Don't forget to add your Calendly or Google Calendar link to the email for easy interview scheduling! Now watch those interviews stack up each month!


We Stack the odds in your favor. What happens next is up to you!

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We limit our technology to only three industry niche members at a time so that our clients can experience the pure and unbridled power of Ronin Autom8, without creating competition among our clients.

Ronin Autom8 offers turnkey, automated media outreach for only $1,999 per month!

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